What Is The Most Desirable Height For A Man?

I grew up wondering this question what could be the most attractive height for a man. This bothered me even more after looking at my seniors who were taller than me. I am sure the same question must be bothering you. Since it’s about the most desirable and attractive height, I decided to start digging out its answer from the opinions of my friends and the grown-up girls in particular.

After talking with the girls in my groups and contacts I found the most desirable and attractive height for a  male is 5 feet 11 inches. Oh yes, it is!! So if you have a height of 5’11”, it is just the perfect height to be proud of. However,  don’t worry if you don’t have the perfect height. Here is more information that will cheer you.

What is the best male height range?

Men whose height fall in between 5’ 8” to 6´1” are considered to be handsome. If you’re in this range then you don’t need to worry about height. It’s ok to be a little shorter or taller than the above-mentioned range also.

But the question arises – what if you don’t fit in the above ideal range? Read on the below ways to make your height fall in the ideal range if you’re too short or too tall.

What if you’re short?

Typically, a height below 5’ 7” is considered to be short for men. Now, don’t be disappointed if you are this guy. Being short is not the end. I have many friends who are shorter but are rocking in their lives.

Here are some quick hacks for men to look taller and be attractive –

  • Wear Shirts with Vertical Stripes.
  • Correct your posture: Don’t bend from your shoulder. Remember –  Stand tall, walk tall and sit tall.
  • Wear body-hugging clothes.
  • Wear jackets with higher waist buttons. This helps your legs look long and you will look taller.
  • Tuck in your shirt. It makes you look taller in the frame.
  • Wear accessories like a pocket square closer to your neck. This will enable people to view more height of you.
  • Wear clothes that go with the same colour combinations. Wearing contrasting colours divide your body view into different segments which will make you look shorter.
  • Whenever possible, wearing a hat is a good idea. You will look amazingly taller.

What if you’re too tall?

Being too tall is a big problem. People are hesitant to befriend too tall guys at first. Worse if your crush is too short than you and you’ve to look a little short just to make her feel comfortable being with you. Here are a few quick tips that will make you look a bit shorter.

  • Wear contrasting colour combinations. This will make your body look into separate segments and you’ll seem to look shorter.
  • Sit whenever possible. This is recommended when you are in a striking conversation with the person of your interest – your crush, boss, in-laws, parents, etc.

Unfortunately, there aren’t many ways to look shorter. Some other websites suggest changing your hairstyle and wearing flat shoes but this is more relevant for females.

What’s the Ideal height difference between a man and a woman?

There is no specific number but a man should be enough taller for the woman to lay her head on his shoulders easily and relax. That on average should be the difference of 4 inches at max.

In most cases, the woman is shorter than the man. It is easier for a woman to raise her height to match her man. A woman can wear high heels to raise to her man’s shoulders.

In some cases, the woman is taller than her man. Here there isn’t much a man can do to match her height. Confidence is the key for a man in this case. A confident guy can handle the relationship with his taller girlfriend much better. A woman wants to feel secure instinctively with her partner and if she feels so then the short height of a man doesn’t even matter.

If a woman is much taller than her guy, there will be weird stares from the public. But it is a sort of an ego booster for the man as something must be special in him to get a taller female partner.  

Do women have a height standard for boyfriends?

Yes. Women like to have boyfriends taller than them. Typically a man above 5’ 8” is attractive to any woman. However, height alone is not the only criteria if you want to get a girlfriend. An ideal boyfriend should have an athletic body with some muscles. If you are muscular then being shorter than the ideal height range is fine.

Extroverts and guys who are more active in sports can easily get girlfriends irrespective of their height. Also, guys who socialize more often never shy from meeting other girls.

How Tall Are Average US Women?

According to a survey conducted by the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES) during 2011-2014, US women are on average 5’ 4” tall.

This is good news for men as the average height for men in the US is 5’ 7”.

At what age does a man stop growing?

The height of men stops growing a couple of years after puberty which means men reach their peak height by the age of 18. However, most guys stop growing after 16 years.

Can men grow their height after 24?

It is very unlikely for men to grow their height past the age of 24 years. However, there are positive changes if you are a late bloomer which is very rare.

Sometimes, the height of men looks short due to bad posture and bend in their back. If you’ve got a bad posture then correcting it can increase your height by a couple of inches.

Stretching exercises and Yoga and correct your posture and you will look slightly taller.

Does weightlifting hamper height growth?

There is no reliable evidence that weight lifting stops height from growing. Moreover,  most gym trainer teaches to do stretching after lifting weights. That should correct your posture.

So stop worrying about the adverse effect of weight lifting on height growth. There is none. In fact, gyming and weightlifting and building muscles and a guy look more manly.

In a nutshell

Women find two physical attributes of a man very attractive – Height and Strength. Getting a good height may not be in your control but building a strong physical body certainly is! So, hit the gym and build a solid body to die for.

Secondly, Both height and a strong body are in vain if you don’t have confidence. A great sense of humour, boldness and being humble helps men to sail through in long run.

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