What Do Girls Like to Hear From Their Men?

The secret to making a woman always happy is sought after by most men. However, many people don’t know that all it needs to keep them satisfied is knowing the things that girls like to hear. This will surely make building a stronger relationship much easier.

Most people claim that the easiest way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. However, for women they go head over heels for a guy who makes her feel special and loved and this is the only thing that you must remember. If you want her to still be in love with you after months or years into your relationship, you need to make her feel that she’s the only one for you by telling her the things that she wants to hear from you. Aside from that, you must make her feel that what you say is genuine because girls can tell if you’re lying.

So, do you want to start seeing women or make your current relationship stronger? Here are some of the things that women love to hear…

“I Agree with You”

There are times that you are right, but she can also get it right sometimes. It’s better to acknowledge the fact that she’s right and admit your mistakes. Women appreciate a man that shows humility. One thing that you should do after is to ask for an apology – it won’t hurt that much!

 “Do You Know What I Like About You?”

After saying this statement, tell her the specifics because that’s what women wants. She already knows that you love her, but she needs to know why. By giving it an extra thought, you can make your words turn from sweet nothings to sweet somethings.

“I’ll Always Be with You”

Girls like to hear that you won’t leave them behind when times get rough. But this will only work if you really mean it. Women want to know that you are committed in the relationship as it means that you will want to spend the rest of your life with her. Whenever you’re having problems, they need to be reassured that you’re not leaving her side and you want to work things out. In addition, you should also make the effort to make sure that your relationship will last forever.

“You Look Beautiful”

It’s a simple gesture but it is very effective as women like to hear that they are beautiful (especially when it comes from their man). Although it might sound that its shallow, complimenting them will boost their self-confidence and feel more appreciated.

“You Can Always Talk to Me”

You need to remind her that you are ready to listen to her whenever she needs to unburden herself of the emotional stress. Financial or materialistic expressions of love is fine but you need to strive to be an emotional support for your partner as it is important to build a healthy relationship.

“That Was Incredible”

Women love it when their men say that they’re great in bed. Just like us, they love it when they provided pleasure to their partners and that they are contributing to a wonderful sex life. Learning new things to spice things up in the bedroom won’t hurt too. 

“You’re Not Getting Fat”

Even though you’re saying it with crossed fingers, all people need a little boost to their self-confidence. Women want to hear that even when they feel like the most unattractive woman in the room, they still look beautiful and desirable in your eyes. 

Important: You shouldn’t ask a woman if she’s gained weight if you want to save yourself from the headache.

“What’s Your Most Memorable Experience?”

Ask her these kinds of questions to establish intimacy, especially if the two of you are just getting to know each other. You need to remember that your partner is not the same person as you and there will always be secrets that will be kept from you. It falls on your shoulders to earn her trust so that she’ll reveal them to you because these secrets can potentially change the way you look at each other. So, start asking everything that you want to know about her right from your first date.

“Do You Need Help?”

Most women want to have a relationship that encourages personal growth, nurtures talents, and allows them to achieve their goals and dreams. Talking won’t be enough for a woman because she wants to see action from her partner. If you commit yourself to this and actively seek to help your partner in every way, both of you will most likely have a good relationship in the foreseeable future. You can also support her by showing thoughtful gestures.

“I Don’t Get It, But I’m Trying to Understand”

Communication can either be a godsend or a minefield. There will always be a time when both you are not getting what you’re trying to say to each other, but she will be happier if you try your best to understand where she’s coming from. 

“You’re Very Sexy”

Telling a woman that she’s beautiful is good but when she hears that you think she’s sexy, they’ll love you even more. This is because women want to be assured and feel that you are very attracted to them. Just be sure not to offend or annoy her and all will be good.

“I Feel Like…”

Tell her about what you’re feeling because they want you to tell them about your intimate thoughts and emotions. This is because it is common for men to struggle to share what they’re going through and sharing their vulnerabilities. However, whenever a man does, a lot of women feel that they are extremely close to them.

“I Love You”

This is probably one of the most obvious things to say but it is also the least said. Which is why these words are what women what really wants to hear. So, if you are at the point in your relationship where both of you are comfortable saying it, make sure to do it often and say it with sincerity. You can always other ways to let her know that you love her without saying anything at all.

“Do You Want to Have A Date Tonight?”

When you love to make plans or surprise a woman, she feels that she is cared for. Whether it’s a dinner date on a fancy restaurant, binge watching your favourite shows, or a simple dinner that you’ll share at home, this will make her appreciate you even more for the time that you spent to prepare for it. 

“What Can You Say About This?”

If you show that you want your partner’s help and willingly listen to her opinion is a simple yet great idea. It will make her really feel that you trust her judgment and her abilities.

“I Like This About You”

Everyone, especially women, wants to be loved. So, your appreciation can really make the difference. You can show appreciation by expressing gratitude to her but spending some time to say what you love in her will make her very happy.

“You Look Beautiful Even Without Makeup”

Even though physical beauty should not be the basis of your relationship, you should still make her feel beautiful when she’s just wearing plain clothes and not fully made up. Arguably, it is even more important that you tell her that she’s beautiful whenever she’s just wearing yoga pants. This will make her feel that she doesn’t have to make the effort of preparing herself for hours in order to be called pretty. Thus, she will appreciate even you more.

“I Can Do This”

Showing that you can take over when the situation gets rough will be appreciated even by the toughest and most independent women. However, you should stop short of making her feel like she’s not capable of doing something. Instead, you should make her feel like you want to offer your help.

“I Love Hanging Out with You.”

Regardless of how long you’ve been together, women want to hear that they are interesting and not a bore whenever you’re hanging out. If you do so, she will feel more confident and more secure about your relationship.

“I Respect You”

Even though mainstream culture suggests that romance should be the centre of every relationship, we should never fail to see that it is very impossible to surpass or even match what’s done in films. Instead, more women want their men to treat them with respect as opposed to treating them according to the slightly sexist and misogynistic clichés that they see in romantic films. You should also explain what things that she does or believes in that you respect about as she will feel that you are paying attention to her and appreciate you for it.

“You’re the One”

This is the phrase that you should say for the woman that you think is truly the one that you’re ready to settle down with. When you say it, it will show that you are devoted and genuinely in love with her which all women want to hear.

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