No More Razor Bumps: 10 Tested Remedies For All Body Parts!

Grooming is not just about maintaining the hygiene but respecting your own body and the people who you interact throughout the day. This is why shaving is an important part of grooming.

Undoubtedly hair on the scalp and other parts of the body controls the body temperature but this benefit can’t be leveraged when you are in a corporate sector. You need to look elegant and professional all the time and for that, everyday trimming or shaving becomes necessary. When it comes to shaving, one can’t overlook the razor bumps. The horrible red bumps ruin the whole look. Many men get inspired by television commercials and try  shaving in a hurry and end up getting the red bumps and burns. Is there any effective way of getting rid of these bumps? Of course, there is. But, before that let’s understand the reason why we get bumps.

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What are razor bumps caused by?

Razor burns are temporary burns that can be experienced anywhere on the body where shaving has been done. These burns cause red bumps, itchiness and a hot sensation. These burns are caused when ingrown hairs are shaved. Razor burns are majorly caused due to using poor quality razors. A badly designed razor can make hairs become curly and bent and they grow  developing the bumps even more. These bumps can be annoying as they cause a lot of pain.

Also, if too much pressure is given while shaving or a cut is made beneath the skin, more bumps pop up. Tugging off the facial hair to get a perfect shave can also cause razor bumps. Sometimes, people treat the razor as a weapon and use it harshly without softening the hair. Hard hair is very tough to shave and trying this may lead to painful red bumps.

Top 10 Ways To Get Rid of Razor Bumps Naturally  

Here are the 10 Tried and Tested Tips to treat your razor burns

1. Hydrate and Soothe

After shaving, your skin becomes very sensitive. Try to avoid applying any irritating creams like deodorants after shaving. Wash the shaved area properly with a gentle soap or face wash. Mild warm water can be a great tool for washing the bumps. You can also apply a soothing gel later for comfort.

2. Try Cold Water

You can also try rinsing the area with very cold water and then pat dry the affected area. This will tighten your skin and prevent the razor bumps.

3. Moisturise

It’s very important to moisturize your skin after shaving. When your skin is dry, the chances of razor bumps appearing are higher. When you obtain moisture on your face when using a moisturizer, a soothing effect can be experienced. You will not feel any irritation or skin damage if you apply moisturiser or aftershave lotion. Nowadays, aftershave lotions include moisturizers as well for extra benefit.

4. Let The Hair Grow Now

Human skin has a wonderful mechanism which fixes the damages in some time. It will be better if you let the hair grow properly and don’t use a razor for a while. If you already have a minor wound on your face or other body parts that are shaved, shaving again will only deteriorate the condition of the wound and encourage razor bumps to appear.

5. Alum

Yes!!  A small amount of alum also works magically. Immediately rubbing alum on shaved area closes skin pores and its antiseptic properties helps to prevent spread of infections that causes the razor bumps. Alum also can be used to stops bleeding from cuts during a shave.  Just keep small alum block in your shaving kit to help with your razor bumps. Just remember to rub that alum block immediately after shaving. Grab one here on Amazon

6. Aloe Vera for Extra Soothing

It is one of the best solutions for different types of skin cuts, burns or blemishes. Aloe Vera gel or freshly extracted Aloe Vera repairs the damaged skin, moisturizes and soothes it. You can also use natural Aloe Vera shaving creams or moisturizers to soothe your skin.

7. Try Witch Hazel

Witch Hazel is a great stuff to apply on your skin to prevent the razor bumps and even cure it. It is a cheap and easily available product. Witch Hazel can also be mixed with essential oils and aftershave lotions. It can basically heal the razor burns. You can either apply it directly on the affected area or soak it in a cotton ball and apply gently.

8. Lukewarm Water Soaking

When you don’t shave properly, your hair becomes trapped in the skin. To set the curled hair free, you need to open the blocked pores and lukewarm water can easily do that. Take a small piece of cotton soaked in lukewarm water and apply gently on the pores. Don’t press the cotton too much. This will help you get rid of your razor bumps.

9.  Lemons Are The Best

Lemon juice is an age-old remedy to treat razor bumps. Usually, bacteria accumulate in the ingrown hair and hence bumps come out. The acidic nature of lemon juice kills these bacteria and cures the bumps. You can simply soak a piece of cotton in fresh lemon juice and apply it gently over the bumps and pat dry. Take some lukewarm water and wash it away when it becomes dry. A natural glow can be experienced after washing your face and the bumps will disappear gradually.

10. The Magic of Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil effectively cleanses and moisturizes the skin. The oil stands out due to its antiseptic property. When applied on the razor bumps, the oil eradicates the bacteria and heals the skin damages caused by harsh shaving. It also takes the dirt away from the skin.

How do you prevent razor bumps?

Razor bumps are like nightmares. They are unwanted and mess up your whole day. Professional working men go through this struggle every day. The razor burns appear first as a rash with itching and then take the furious form of bumps ruining your complete appearance. You can prevent these burns by taking important measures. And, if you have already experienced these monsters, then you know getting rid of them is not an overnight affair. There are many natural and synthetic solutions to get rid of these bumps.

Talking about the safety measures, shaving must not be done carelessly or in a hurry. People shave against the grain sometimes for a quick shaving and end up developing the bumps as the hair beneath the skin is also cut in this process. The type and quality of the razor play a vital role in developing razor burns and bumps. If your razor is not sharp enough to cut the hair smoothly in one go then the thick or coarse hairs are affected and hence the bumps pop up. Always try to use new or sharp blades after every shave.

Also, some guys do not use multi-blade razors safely, which can be problematic if they have sensitive skin. These people need to go for safety razors. Double edge safety razors prevent razor bumps at a great extent. There are other measures as well to prevent the razor bumps. You can hold the razor in a right manner, wet your facial or body hair thoroughly and apply good quality of shaving cream that is dense enough and moisturizes your skin, using a good-quality shaving brush, avoiding over-shaving, applying soothing lotion after every shave and being careful of many other shaving measures.

How do you prevent razor bump down there?

If you are in a hurry, facial hair shaving still seems a piece of cake but when you are about to shave down there and you are running out of time, you may mess up the things badly. Shaving down there requires lots of patience, attention and care. Try using a moisturizing shaving cream or simply a good quality shaving cream for sufficient lathering. But, make sure you have softened your skin using lukewarm water before applying the cream. Always use sharp razors. Shaving against the grain is much likely to give you burns and if you got just a short amount of time for shaving down there, try to reschedule shaving. Shaving with the grain may not give you a perfect shave but you will not get the burns as well. A soothing and moisturizing aftershave lotion is a must after every shaving.

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