Men’s Guide on How to Look Handsome if You Are Ugly

A cold man shivering and burying his face into his sweater.

If you are searching for the ways to get out of the ugly and unattractive looks, you need to commit yourself making big changes.  We have prepared some easy ways to make changes that can jump start to your make over and will make people see the new “You”.  So are you ready to start the change? Great! Read on.

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People Like to See Pleasant Things

Human beings are programmed to like and appreciate things that are beautiful and pleasant to their eyes. Of course, the definition of being beautiful and handsome differs from a person to a person. In general, most people find guys with pleasant personality very attractive.

However, looking pleasant or nice has nothing to do with looks. It’s just how well you carry, maintain and present yourself. Here are most simple and yet power changes that can significantly change the way a guy looks.

Look Fit – How to Look Fit When You Are Not?

If you are a larger person with tummy plunging out, the obvious and long-term solution would be to go for workout and burn your fats. However, there are some ways to look handsome till you lose weight.

The instant solution is wearing Slimming Shirts can make you look a bit slimmer and fitter. However, you need to do some basic research about what size of slimming shirt you should buy, things like the size of neckline, does it give support to your back, or whether it has compression support. So do your due diligence to find whats perfect for you. Have a look at these ones

Besides slimming shirts, make a point to buy the shirts with vertical stripes. This will also make you look a lot thinner.

If you are thin already and want to look more muscular, you should wear clothes of extra size and thick ones to show more mass on your body. However, the obvious best solution is that you should hit the gym for the best and long-term benefits.

Good Clothes – Selection is the key!

Well-dressed guy attracts many eyes. The way you dress tells a lot about your background and it also reflect your attitude and thinking patterns.

If you prefer formals, wear ones that are vibrant and rich in colour. Formals aren’t the ones where you can experiment much. So, wear the one that suits you.

Semi-formals are also great. Colour combination and pattern are the key here.

Smile – How to have a smiling face?

Smiling is the best way to look attractive. A smile should be natural and it should not look as if someone has forced you to smile. Always smile when you meet and greet people. Smile wholeheartedly.

To be honest, it is a lot easier said than done. To smile, you should be happy and joyful from within. A fake smile can be a big turnoff and people can usually easily identify it.

Therefore, looking at things positively is the key to a natural smile. Appreciate the fact that nature has created you as a unique person and to be someone who can think rationally – you are not ugly. You are just a unique.

As a unique person, you have to prove the people that you are handsome in your own way. This is easy if you love and accept yourself the way you are. If you don’t like yourself then it is wishful thinking to get appreciation from others. This is because your body language will be negative and that will turn people away from you.

Perfect Smile – How Do You Get a Whiter Smile?

Smiling naturally doesn’t help if teeth are yellow. Yellow teeth are big yuck! Having white teeth can be a huge step to looking good. If you don’t have teeth that are perfectly white, don’t worry.

Here are some handy tips for Teeth Whitening and Hygiene

  • Brushing your teeth with salt helps to remove stains. Use a really good electric toothbrush daily like this one
  • You can also brush using baking soda and let it stay for a minute. But do rinse your teeth after 1 minute as the acidic solution can damage your enamel for prolonged use.

There are loads of tips to whiten your teeth. However, the above are easiest ones.

Get a Good Hairstyle

We can’t stress enough on how important it is to have a decent hairstyle! Many guys imitate hairstyles of their favourite celebrities. They feel it’s kind of cool on them. Well, being cool may sometimes turn out to be bad if that hairstyle doesn’t suit your face.

If you feel that your face is not the same shape as your favourite star, then just keep your hairstyle simple. Keep your hair well-combed and trimmed. Don’t trim so much that you look bald. You should have enough hair to comb.

Using hair creams and lotions can keep your hair smooth and shinning. Hair perfumes will make your hair smell great.

Be More Social and Outgoing

This is not directly related on “How to be handsome if you’re ugly” but it will certainly change the perception of others towards you and help you win more friends.

Most of the guys who are not good looking shy away from being active and socializing. So go enjoy your life! Befriend people who appreciates you. Go out for a party with your friends. Plan out hiking and trekking. If you have budget, throw a small party with your friends and invite others.

Helping others is also other great way to earn respect from others. It is nice being generous and kind. Do appreciate others and say kind words by heart. Try to make it out of your way to compliment others if they look awesome.

How Can I Improve My Self-confidence?

A confident guy stands out of the crowd and is perceived as attractive irrespective of his looks.

Most of the guys who think they are not so handsome exhibit low confidence. They suffer from inferiority complex and hesitate in interacting with people.  First of all, there is no reason for anyone to feel inferior. Every creation is unique in its own way.  Secondly, even if you feel you are not so good looking, with little grooming you can look much better. So why feel inferior?

To overcome the inferiority complex and to boost your self-confidence, the best way is to act like confident man. If you act like a confident man, you will actually start feeling more confident.

Another great way is sowing seeds of confidence by positive affirmations like – “I am confident man. I talk and walk confidently. I am confident than ever before.”

Get Your Muscles Working!

Being muscular is every man’s dream. Getting muscles toned up makes a man not only attractive but also a total stud and hunk. What’s more for the guys who want to be handsome?

Hit the gym right now and star doing some biceps training. It’s also good to get muscle training on other body parts like shoulder, chest and back.

You can also buy fitness equipment and workout as per your convenience if you are too lazy to hit the gym or that gym is far away from your home.

I believe if the above suggestions is implemented this will make huge change in your life and can make anybody handsome outside and inside. Let me know what you think. Do let me know in comments.

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