How To Look Manly Without A Beard?

Manly without beard

Do real men grow beards? Hundreds of brand products are cashing today over the psychology which relates a mans manliness with growing a beard. Are clean-shaved men lesser men or is it society that doesn’t accept men with less or no facial hair?

If you’re updated with the latest fashion trends then you must be familiar with the current beard trend which has completely redefined the men’s fashion arena. A well-maintained and long-length of beard is considered as more masculine and men with such beards are tagged as ‘Macho’.

Different surveys tell different stories connecting beards with masculinity. Some say women fall instantly for rugged and bearded men while some articles on the internet prove that women love a smooth ride when kissing rather than driving into a bush.

What to believe and what not? Well, bearded men may look more mature and sexually attractive than clean-shaven competitors but a beard has nothing to do with masculinity. Some facial hair can’t just change a person’s gender, right? Here are some tips for looking masculine without growing beard.

Focus On Fashion Sense

A sharp-dressed man is a desirable man among the damsels and mature women. Your outfits talk a lot about you and you may not want your outfits to tell a bad story to the women around. Always try to focus on the fabric color, style and size of your attire.

Sometimes a classy colored suit may make you look more masculine but its loose fitting and may throw cold water on all your face. The right size of your clothes can take you to the right path to masculinity. Also, keep your outfits neat and clean before showing up in public.

Style and Grooming  

Even if you have a beard, try to fade or trim it to look classy. Another important thing to take care of is your hair and face. There are plenty of men’s skincare products available in the market to keep the skin healthy and improve its tone. A clear skin is very important before getting close to a woman (and don’t forget to smell nice too!).

Now comes your hairstyle. Hair style is something which can completely change your looks and masculinity. The popular manly hairstyles nowadays are Pompadour Fade, Skin Fade, High Fade Long Swept Hair, Slick Back Undercut, Buzz Cut, Quiff and Low Taper Fade. You can also go for wax or hair gels to keep your hairstyle uniform for hours. Washing your hair every day with shampoo and conditioner keep them smooth and shiny.

Be A Confident Voice

A soft and low voice is often overshadowed by confident voices. When you have that kind of confidence in your voice which engages a half dozen people and everyone listens to you when you talk; the women around you will appreciate it.

Being a leader in a party or event is a killer quality for men. Women love leadership skills in men and a confident voice that reflects this leadership. Public speaking reflects that you are not insecure about your skills, intelligence and personality. Most women badly crave such characteristics.

When many people listen to you and appreciate your words, you automatically come into the limelight and you have already impressed many women with this achievement. Also, women love to listen to romantic and interesting stories in a confident voice. A manly voice doesn’t come overnight. Just sounding loud is not macho. You have to work on the projection and quality of your voice.

Communication is Important

Most of the women develop an idea about your personality by the first sentence you utter. So, be aware when you open your mouth in front of a woman. Talking to a woman in a right manner is very important but going on talking and talking leaves nothing mysterious about your life and personality. You should keep some mysteries for the next sessions, in case you have decided to meet the girl again.

Less talk and short sentences by men are admired by women. When you speak less and mean a lot, you prove your masculine nature. In general, women usually talk more than men. They want men to listen to their words attentively and express some wise opinions in short sentences later. Try to be silent when a woman talks and keep your voice deep when you reply.

Learn To Defend

Defense is not only for policemen, fighters or army men. Even if you are a gentleman, you may have to defend yourself in some conditions, if not physically then verbally. If you give a perfect reply to an insulting remark or a disrespectful activity, your manliness is reflected.

A mature man uses his brain and confident communication before his fist. Also, women love to be with men who can take a stand or defend her as well as himself in an odd circumstance.

Work On Your Posture

Your postures talk a lot about your current mood, status and personality. The old school day lessons are utilized in the process of appearing macho. There are many benefits of sitting or standing in the right and manly postures. It’s not only beneficial for your health and height but the chances of gaining some attention in an event also becomes higher.

Standing straight makes you look tall and confident. Also, your beer belly will not show up in public if you are away from the gym for a while. Crossing your hands while sitting makes your nervous and powerless. Whereas bending your knees to 90 degrees and sitting straight keeping your feet flat shows your control and confidence. Body languages make a big difference in leaving an impression.

Get Some Workout

Your physical strength reflects your masculinity in the first place and then other factors are considered. Well-built men are always attractive, be it with a beard or clean-shaven.

Women feel safe with muscular men. And, if you are caring and calm enough, you have already won the game. Try to eat healthy food and do workouts regularly to maintain your fitness. Fit men have a great stamina and women simply love it for obvious reasons.

Go For Some Tattoos

Caution: You may skip this if you don’t like tattoos. I don’t have personal experience about tattoos but just putting up the information below for interested readers. You may consult with experts or doctors before taking any decision regarding this.

Did you know that getting inked can also add to your manliness? Tattoos are still very much in fashion. Women love to see manly tattoos on sinewy body. There are many tattoo themes that are manly like crown, lion, skull, antic watch, dark woods, eagle, tribal theme and so forth. Manly tattoos make you look wise, strong, brave and confident. Also, tattoos reflect your creative side. What tattoos you pick for yourself define your personality. It’s important to find out the logic behind choosing a specific tattoo design and color.

Work On Your Neck    

Broad necked men look macho and strong. Be it a scarf, body-fit tee or a white shirt with first two buttons open – a broad neck always makes you look hot and tempting. While doing your regular workouts, find some time for your neck too. A broad neck goes well with a sculpted body.

As James A. Garfield says – “I mean to make myself a man, and if I succeed in that, I shall succeed in everything else”. Every bit of this quote is true in the this scenario when attractiveness is synonymous with manliness. So, if you don’t like growing beard to look macho, you got plenty of other options as well.

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