Wondering How to Be Handsome in High School? Try This!

Handsome in highschool

If you are in high school, it is the most happening phase of your life. This is the phase to build more friends and socialize. Therefore to be handsome in high school is the dream of the most and many wonder “how to be handsome in high school”. However, many just dream about it and are too lazy to change themselves. They regret their missed opportunity years later.

Don’t worry!  I am going to share some basic stuff on how to be handsome in high school and how to make little changes for you to look more handsome stand apart from peers. So read on below how to be handsome in high school.

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Use Mild Deodorant

Smell is one of the strongest among five senses. People, especially, girls love men who smell great. Therefore, it is utmost important to wear decent deodorant immediately after shower. There are lots of fancy and strong deodorants available that claim to be manlier and attract girls but my recommendation would be to use deodorants that are sober and smell fresh. Strong deodorants are big turn off. So use the ones that are sober and may be preferred in schools.

If you are sweaty, do carry a tiny deodorant in your backpack to your school if your school allows. You may reapply it couple of times during the day. Also you can keep it in your locker. Something natural like this will help, Schmidts Charcoal and Magnesium Natural Deodarant

Wash Your Face Several Times

Don’t be lazy!  It’s better to wash your face several times a day. Wash your face with a mild soap that suits your skin. Face wash removes sweat and excess oil from your skin and makes your face look fresh. Use pocket paper- soaps that are ‘use and throw’ ones and easy to carry to school.

One more plus point of face wash is that you feel fresh and can focus in class better. This will not only help you to get more grades but will also help you to look more confident.

Wear Your Clothes Right

Wear dress or uniform that fits you perfectly. It shouldn’t be too short, too tight or too loose.  If you don’t have one, please get yourself a perfect one from stores. If the clothes in store doesn’t match your size, get it stitched from tailor.

Make sure to wear clean and ironed clothes. Tuck in shirt and adjust your belt well to keep it tucked inside your trouser. Not to forget your underwear. It should fit you perfectly too. Uncomfortable inner-wear makes people walk awkwardly and its quite embarrassing.

Wash your uniform and get laundry done regularly. Also, keep stock of extra pairs ready in case needs be. Use shoes that fit your toes well. Many compromise their shoe size and develop pain in their toes later. Not too tight, not too loose, just perfectly comfortable.

Keep Your Breath Smelling Fresh

You certainly don’t want to be a guy whose breath stinks up whole room. Bad breath is big turnoff. Brushing regularly prevents it. It is very crucial to breathe fresh especially in high school and you sit next to your colleagues and friends. Also, there are team activities like games or sports that brings teammates closer to each other. In such cases, breathing bad can be quite embarrassing. People avoid the ones with bad breath. Who wouldn’t?

Here are some basics to breathe fresh

  • Brush twice – one at morning after you wake up and one before sleep.
  • Use a good electric toothbrush. Replacethe head every 2-3 months.
  • Do Floss, it gets rid of plaque and food stuck in mouth which causes bad breath.
  • Also, remember to brush your tongue. You can also use a ‘tongue cleaner’. Be careful, do it gently.
  • Rinse your mouth thoroughly 2-3 times for 10-15 seconds each.
  • Drink adequate water throughout the day. Dry mouth stinks more.

Get Super Clean in the Shower

This is the most basic thing and can’t stress how important it is to practice a good hygiene. This often overlooked. People like clean guy in their company hence a guy who is clean with better fragrance is appreciated.

Here are some ways to get super clean.

Shower thoroughly with scented soap. Use good shampoo to wash your hairs. Scrub your body gently (before careful not to hurt skin).  Do have mirror in your bathroom, preferably the one which is fog less to view your body closely while bathing. Do wash your private parts.

A bucket bath is another great way to bath. It saves a lot of water. You will need a bucket and mug for this.

If you go to Gym, do take shower. Also, check with your school if they have shower room or communal shower facility.

Wash Your Hair Often

It is good practice to wash your hair every day if the weather is hot and humid. It is also okay with most to wash your hairs on alternate days if your hairs are too dry or you catch cold.  If you are hairs are far from normal, you should wash once or twice a week.  Don’t use very hot water it can do more harm than good. Always prefer lukewarm water.

You have to use good shampoo. It is good practice to take some shampoo on your hand and mix a little water in it and then apply gently on your hair. Let the shampoo soak in your hair for 5 minutes then rinse your hair thoroughly.

Do use hair conditioner after shampoo. Otherwise, your hair will become dry and it will difficult to comb and maintain your hairstyle afterward.

Comb your hair well. Get a haircut that suits your face and personality. Most schools ask to trim your hair short. That’s perfectly fine. If you have washed your hair and used proper hair conditioner you are sure to look awesome.

Trim Your Nails Once a Week

It is essential to trim your nails once a week as it is good hygiene practice. From a hygiene perspective, the dirt often gets settled inside your nails and it also looks dirty. In high school, you should trim your nails regularly. Do spend some time a week trimming your both fingernails and toenails.

Long Nails can also hurt someone and sometimes it may also hurt yourself. So it is better to trim your nails to look decent and be safe.

Always Have a Smile on Your Face

This is the easiest solution for how to be handsome in high school. Smile not just with your lips but also with your eyes. When you smile at other it tells you like him/her. Also while smiling don’t look at ground. You can be mistaken as being shy.

Always look in other person’s eye. You can practice smiling in mirror. Don’t take things too seriously. Be comfortable and make other comfortable. It is good to make others laugh with your sense of humor. If you are not expert at it. Do keep your collection of jokes ready. It is not always necessary to crack a joke. Being little funny will suffice.

Maintain Eye Contact During Conversations

Always talk looking at other person’s eye. Not maintaining eye contact is also treated as insult in some cultures. If you are not used to at maintaining eye contact, practice looking at your eyes in mirror and talking to yourself. Again, it is important to not to stare at other people and make them uncomfortable but to just look at ease. It also gives feedback that you are listening and you respect the other person you are talking with.

Be Confident and Carry Yourself Well

A lot of people wonder how to be more confident. The best way is perhaps simple. Feel you are confident. Imagine yourself talking with your colleagues confidently and they are appreciating you very much. Feel the happiness within you that you are able to express and impress others well. Do this every night before sleeping and imagine yourself being confident.  If you are not confident then all the above tips are not going to be effective.

Always sit and stand in good posture. Develop a habit to sit with your spine straight and relaxed. It is good practice to keep your hands rested on your desk while sitting. Stand straight that will help you look taller and it will exude confidence within you. Also, walk straight and take smaller steps if required.

Maintain Positive Body Language

Just like us speaking in English language, Our body has a language too.  Now there two ways to improve your body language – one is to learn right postures suggested by body language experts. Other is to think positively and let the body language improve automatically.

Our thoughts have major role in shaping our body language. This is big topic and I will share basics about body language in my upcoming articles. Positive thoughts, however, is major contributor to positive body language. Always think positively. Affirm positively in your mind – “I am handsome”, “Day by Day in every way I am becoming more handsome and confident”, “People love and appreciate what I say ”. These affirmations can completely change dynamics of your body language.

Get Yourself a Sound Sleep

It is important to rest. A good 8 hours on an average sleep is sufficient for most of teenagers and adults. Getting a deep 8-hour sleep is necessary so that you are charged up again to face next day.  Good sleep makes you energetic next day. You feel enthusiastic and can participate more actively in your class and work.

Here are some tips for good sleep to look handsome in high school

  • Take a little shower before sleep.
  • Stay away from your cell phone and TV from an hour before sleep.
  • Clean your bed before you go to sleep.
  • Apply moisturizer to your skin if it gets dry. Especially your face, hands, and legs.
  • Make sure your bedroom is air conditioned well. There has to be proper ventilation.
  • Darkroom is perfect for sleep. However, you want some light, put on a very dim light.
  • Keep a water nearby. So that if you feel thirsty you can drink water. Don’t drink too much water that you keep waking up for toilet frequently. This is disturbing for good sleep.

Accept Your Body the Way It is

Our Genes decide how we look.  It is okay to be oily or with dry skin. Have curly or straight hair. Accept your body. Trust me this will make you feel better, more confident and handsome in high school.

If you follow the above steps you will definitely be more handsome in high school than before and feel more confident.  Relax and Chill out!

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