Do Men Use Popsockets?

Do men use Popsockets

Popsockets or Popsockets grip is a mobile accessory that provides better holding grip to your mobile phone. It makes the mobile phone stand on a surface and frees your hand. Also, as it provides a solid grip, your hands can hold phone better for a selfie, gaming, reading e-books, etc. It is also extremely helpful while you are commuting. Popsockets also comes with a car mount model that can be mounted on your car dashboard so that you can easily access GPS navigation on your phone while driving.

Now, you must be wondering if it’s okay for men to use the Popsocket grip to their mobiles. This is because a lot of men think they look girly! Yes,  in some cases they do look girly! I had refrained from buying it too, as it looked girly to me. But now I’ve changed my perception of it.

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So, Do men use Popsockets?

The answer is “YES”. Men do use Popsockets. Actually it’s all-inclusive product (gender neutral) and is super useful. Most of my friends initially assumed it to be a feminine product and refrained from buying it as they had seen it being used mostly by women. This is obviously not true! I have read many customer reviews from men supporting Popsockets on Amazon. Most men confessed that they felt Popsockets grip to be girly first, but are now happy and enjoying its comfort.

It is commonly believed that Popsockets comes only with girly designs. However, the truth is that it has a variety of designs for men to choose from. Some of the good designs that are liked by most men will unveil as you scroll through this article.

Ever wondered what makes Popsockets look girly?

Perhaps, you have seen Popsockets mostly used by girls. This is because Popsockets are hugely popular among girls as they love selfies and Popsockets provide them better grip to click awesome selfies fast. Naturally, if girls use Popsockets, they will select the colors that they like – which are pink, red and floral kind of designs. This makes men feel that Popsockets are girly.

Another reason for this perception of Popsockets grip being girly is due to the fact that girls prefer to hold mobile phones in their hands, this displays Popsockets in public. Guys, on the other hand, keep their mobile phones inside their pocket with Popsockets grip collapsed. This screws their chances to be observed using Popsockets by a larger public.

If you find Popsockets super helpful but are hesitant to buy it due to the girly perceptions about it, then you will be happy to know about plenty of good designs that suits men.

To name a few – Hulk Icon, Golf Ball, Pulse, Kings Logo, etc are some of the designs well suited for men. There are also plenty of designs like Marvel  Avengers, Captain America, Spider-Man and there are tons of varieties available on the website. You can also use Popsockets that are plain white or black in color. They look manlier.

What if you don’t like the existing available designs of Popsokcets?

Well, you shouldn’t worry about it! Popsockets also comes with customized designs. There is an option to create your own designs on their website. This is really cool as you get the freedom to customize and design your own Popsockets theme. The customizer page will give an option to upload your image and resize it.

However, at the moment, there are no tools readily available on their website to directly design graphics on the go. So, you will need to create design first in the form of an image either on Photoshop or by using any other free tools online, then just download that awesome image you created and upload it on the Popsockets website.

*Avoid uploading copyright protected pictures. Popsockets does a thorough check and it may cancel your order.

If you don’t have Photoshop, use Canva which is a popular free tool to create any designs fast. There is a learning curve for it but it’s very little.

Typical price of Popsockets with customized theme is $15. Check out the current price on Amazon – Click here

Now that if Popsockets interests you, here are some other queries regarding Popsockets answered.

Do Popsockets fit in a Pocket?

Yes. Popsocket is an accordion gizmo which collapses and can easily fit inside the pocket. It can be popped out for use. This popping – collapsing feature is very helpful for men as most of us carry our mobile phones in the pocket.

Most men think that Popsockets may cause discomfort in their pockets but it isn’t true. Popsockets can collapse easily on your phone and it’s very compact. However, you will notice the presence of Popsockets in your trouser, which is fine and you will get used to it.

Can Popsockets stick again after removing?

Yes. Popsockets can stick and restick several times. If required, you can remove Popsocket to clean it, rinse it with water, then let it dry for 10 minutes and re-fix it to your phone.

Remember, keeping Popsockets in the air for more than 15 minutes can make the gel dry permanently and lose its stickiness forever!

What is lifespan of Popsockets typically?

It can last roughly 12,000 times of expand and collapse as mentioned on Popsockets website. This is exceptionally good for rough and tough use by men.

Does Popsockets stick with all Material cases?

PopSockets grips stick to most devices and cases and are repositionable. However, there are few instances reported but their customers that Popsockets don’t stick to silicone or waterproof type materials.

In case you want Popsocket to stick to a glass-backed phone, you can find a 3M adhesive disc specially made to attach your Popsockets grip.

Where should I position my PopSockets grip?

You can position your Popsockets anywhere on the device provided you feel comfortable accessing the gadget.

If you face trouble making Popsockets work as a stand, you can position it near the edge of your mobile phone or gadget.

Other uses of Popsockets

  • You can stick the Popsockets on your wall and hang your clothes and bags. This, however, depends on the strength of the adhesive. Perhaps, a couple of lightweight shopping bags, napkins or towels can be a perfect fit.
  • Popsockets are also used to keep your earphone or headphones wires from getting entangled with each other. The story goes that Popsockets founder Board David Barnett was frustrated by his earbuds tangling up so he went to a clothing store and created a solution using a cloth and buttons that fixed it. Later, he founded Popsockets which created the amazing Popsockets grips.

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