Do Girls Like Men With Glasses?

Do Girls Like Men With Glasses?

It was in college when I got glasses and I hated to wear them until it was noticed that the girls were more comfortable with me than ever before. It made me wonder if the girls liked the men with glasses? So I did a little research to come up with some interesting findings.

So, Do girls like men with glasses? The answer is Yes! According to the survey I conducted recently, 8 out of 10 girls liked the men with glasses. Girls found men with the glasses to be more trustworthy and comfortable to be with.

Now if you’re a guy with glasses, then you can already sense the situation is conducive for you to attract your crush. Let’s dive into details on how to up your style quotient and leverage your glasses to be more attractive for girls.

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Why Do Girls Like The Men With Glasses?

If men use the right kind of glasses, it enhances their facial profile. Most men believe they now look better as the eyewear helps to offset their uneven chin, oddly shaped nose and unattractive eyebrows. This makes the face look more charming. No wonder the girls are more attracted to the men with glasses!

Men with glasses appear more intelligent and smarter than the average person. This makes them stand out. Men also look more professional and sophisticated. Such type of men is considered as “safe to approach” by girls. Hence girls find them comfortable to talk and hang out with.

If you’re wearing glasses, then there is close to zero probability of girl making negative opinions about you. When I asked 10 girls about what she thought about a guy with glasses, 8 out 10 girls found a guy with glasses smart, intelligent and safe to approach. Remaining 2 girls said it doesn’t make difference for them.

According to the girls, they are always interested in looking in man’s eyes so that they can observe and make an initial judgment about him. Girls believe in the saying “eyes are windows to the soul”.

So here is an interesting observation – Girls instinctively read the personality of men from their eyes. Glasses add a little layer before your eyes which makes her job a little difficult. So, she is more likely to come close to you to read your eyes to know you. This gives you a fair chance to build a rapport with her.

Improving Your Style Quotient With Glasses

Here’s the Men’s glasses style according to the face shape

Choose Frames That Suit Your Face, Features, and Complexion

  • If your face is chubby or round then you select the rectangular glasses.
  • If your face is square, then go for narrow rectangular glasses.
  • If your face is oval then any shape of the glass is likely to suit you.
  • Preferred glasses for a triangle face male is oval shaped.

Choose the frames that you like but make sure the frames are not outdated. Google the latest available glass frames and shortlist that types of frames that you like before shopping. Watch your nose ! If you don’t want to have dents across your nose then choose a lighter frame with lightweight lenses.

Choose The Eye-Wear That Matches Your Profession And Lifestyle

If you work in Legal, Medical and Administrative services then choose an eye frame that does justice to your profession. The glasses with full frames are the most common and well suited in these professions.

If you study in college or work in casual IT environment, then you may flaunt and experiment some stylish eyewears. Choose the one that matches most of your moods of dressing and clothing.

Rimless or semi-rimless glass frames in such a casual environment can be tried as they look cute and attractive.

Matching The Girlfriend’s Expectation On Your Eye-Wear

Girls want her man to be perfect. He should look very professional and decent at the workplace but cool at the same time. There is dilemma when your girl likes you to wear funky and stylish glasses and your profession demands sober and professional eyewear.

This issue can be solved by keeping an extra pair of eyewear – one professional and other funky. Wear stylish eyewear when you’re with your girlfriend and professional one when in office.

Avoid Being Friend-Zoned

Although eyewear can make you more approachable and woman may find you trustworthy, there is a risk of you being friendzoned by your crush. You should be careful to avoid being stereotyped as her best buddy.

The best way to avoid this happen is to flirt with her occasionally, ask her out for a movie or a dinner.

Sport Sunglasses

Girls find men with sunglasses very classy. So it’s a good idea to sport sunglasses while you’re outdoors. Sunglasses also protect your eyes from bright sunshine and it may also prevent dark circle around your eyes.

Check out a simple pair of classic sunglasses here on Amazon

Related Questions

How To Protect Your Glasses During Sex?

Beware! Most women like to rip away their partner’s glasses during the moments of intimacy.
They just love ripping their partner’s glass away for a smooch.

It’s normal for you to be concerned about your expensive glasses. If your girl goes too wild then she can throw your glasses on the floor simply breaking it. But, don’t worry, most women don’t go that wild. However, why take a chance? Go for a unbreakable glasses if you have a girlfriend or dating someone.

Should I Prefer Contact Lens over Glasses?

If you are one of those want to live a carefree life, then go for glasses. With contact lens comes a lot of precautions like if you sleep without removing the contact lenses then it may melt in your eyes. There may be other issues like sore eyes, burning sensation in your eyes depending on how well your eyes are adapted with contact lenses.

With glasses, the only risk is it breaking. If you buy a unbreakable glass then that problem is solved already. Moreover, the glasses are easy to wear and remove and easy to clean. So, in my opinion you should go for glasses for a simple and a carefree life.

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