Do Girls Like Fat Guys? Here’s What Girls Think!

Do Girls Like Fat Guys? Here’s What Girls Think!

Being liked by a girl is every man’s dream. It’s a common assumption that girls only like athletic and muscular guys and we do hear such stuff from friends in our college and neighborhood. It’s obviously easy for well-toned guys to attract girls. But if you’re fat and wondering what girls think about fat guys, here are findings I got to know from the girls in my network.

So, Do Girls Like Fat Guys? The short answer is – Yes. Not all, but some girls do. Every girl has her type of man in mind. While muscular and athletic guys get more attention from girls, there is a sizeable number of girls who like fat guys too. Therefore, the common assumption that girls only like and dream about a macho man is not true at all.

I’ve met many fat guys who have very pretty girlfriends and wives. Muscular and fit guys are puzzled and kind of jealous with them.

So if you’re interested in knowing what’s so special about those fat guys, here are some interesting facts revelead by girls.

Teddy Bear Like Feeling

For most girls, Teddy Bear was their favorite toy in childhood. Girls grew up playing and cuddling with a teddy bear. That dear toy that never made them feel lonely.

So, it’s natural for some girls to be obsessed with a teddy bear in their childhood to find their lost love in the form of a grown-up man with a teddy bear type physique.

Fat Guy Looks Bigger Than Their Skinny Counterparts

Some girls perceive bigger is better and stronger. So these type of girls feels instinctive that bigger guy can provide them with better protection and keep them safe.

If Girls’ Dad Is Fat, She May Like A Fat Guy

A girl closer to her father tends to like a guy whose attributes and qualities are similar to her dad. This is because she has grown up seeing how her dad fulfilled his manly duties in her family.

Any problem cropping up, her dad would solve it instantly. Those are a type of girls who consider their dad as a hero and therefore they would unconsciously develop a liking for a similar man in her life!

This can be a bit of a headache for such guy to match the qualities of her father throughout his life to meet her expectations, keep her interested and to continue the relationship going.

Confident And Assertive Fat Guy

If you’re confident and assertive, you can still attract girls without worrying about your physique much. Girls perceive these fats guy to be more masculine over a skinny guy with low confidence.

Girls are also likely to prefer a fat guy who is smart and conducts himself well socially.

Active And Energetic Guy

Girls can ignore your bulky body type if you’re active, enthusiastic and charged up most of the day. It is important to show your dream girl that your shape and physique is not an obstacle in your day to day activities. You are on par with skinny guys.

If you are that kind of guy who can throw surprises (like surprise dinner, party, trekking) and make her excited and feel special, no girl can stop herself from loving you.

Humble And Well Mannered Guy

Well mannered and gentleman is what all girls and women like and they dream to find such guy.

You can win people being humble and grateful. Girls, in particular, love to hear compliments about her. So don’t shy from complimenting her. Just be genuine though. Girls do catch fake and lie very easily.

Behave well with her parents and siblings. Bring gifts for them occasionally when you visit her home. This helps you score brownies.

Happy, Lighthearted And Good Sense Of Humor

Girls like guys who can giggle them and have a good sense of humor. It’s also a common perception that fats guys are funny. Therefore, you can actually leverage from this common belief and build a solid relationship with the girl you like.

Other Important Attributes

Every girl has the image of her dream man since her childhood. Her fantasies of ideal man have come from either Celebrity, her father or any other man she has seen.

Now, girls do realize that it’s difficult to find a perfect fit of ideal characteristics in one guy. So they (girls) can overlook you being fat if you have other stronger attributes in your favor. Some of these attributes are :

  • A Good Height (5’ 10’’ and above)
  • Strong Financial Background: You’re wealthy enough to lead a luxurious life and fulfill all her dreams.
  • Confident Body Language: If you genuinely exhibit confident body language then any girl may fall for you.

Some Related Questions

What To Do If You’re Fat And Your Crush Doesn’t Like You?

Well, there are two choices you’ve to make –

Option 1: Be a guy that your crush may like by bringing in all the changes in you.

Option 2: Skip and find the other girl who may like you.

I know these are hard choices to make but they are obvious ones.

The first choice is a harder way and there is no guarantee that bringing in those changes will make her like you. But if you are only interested in that girl then here is the process:

  • Study the girl’s preferences – her like and dislikes, her hobbies, her favorite colors, etc by observing and talking with her friends. If possible also find out what kind of guys she may like. Does she have any preferences about her dream man? Don’t ask her friends and peers directly, get the information in a subtle way in conversations without them knowing about it.
  • Make the necessary changes in you to match her preferences. For example – if she like athletic guys then you should start working out and try to get an athletic body. I know it’s easier said than done but this is the way forward if you decide this option.
  • Try to show her that you’re interested in her and all efforts made by you is to win her heart. If your girl is sensitive, you may start getting a response from her soon.

If you think the above Option 1 is very difficult and close to impossible then would suggest there’s no point in chasing the girl that doesn’t like you. Let’s focus on Option 2 instead.

As I said in the beginning, every girl is unique and has her own preferences. So it won’t too hard to find another girl who is more prone to like you. Just keep your eyes and ears open and engage in general conversations to understand her more. Don’t be desperate and jerk as it is a big turn off for girls. Just a good friend initially and go with the flow.

How To Get Rid Of The Inferiority Complex If You Are Fat?

It’s normal for any guy to get inferiority complex if he lacks a good physique. Fat guys are also likely to face bullying and pranks from their colleagues and friends. Here are some quick tips to get rid of inferiority complex and win confidence back.

Build Muscles

You can hit the gym and build muscles in your upper half of body like Chest, Shoulders, Arms (Biceps and Triceps). Gaining muscles over these regions will make you look strong and muscular. So pranksters dare not mess with you.

Sport a beard if you’ve got a baby face

Some fat guys have a baby face. It’s kind of cute but if you want to show girls that you are grown up man, then it is the best idea to sport a beard. This makes guys look manlier and people will appreciate you more.


Join the group of sports and adventures. Extrovert activities will boost your confidence and a guy has to be confident at least to get noticed by girls.

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