Should I Keep My Beard Going, Go to Stubble or Clean Shaven?

Beard or Stubble or Clean shaven

If this question makes you wonder about your beard, don’t worry! There are millions of men who find this question bothering for them. But instead of answering the whole question at once, let’s split this question in three parts to find answers better –

  • Should I keep the beard going?
  • How about growing stubble? Should I go stubble?
  • Does clean shaven look better?

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Should I Keep the Beard Going?

Since the dawn of civilization, man has been keeping beards with different styles. Beard styles vary according to different cultures and traditions. However, the times have changed. Men like to experiment a lot with beard styles nowadays.

Here are some arguments in favour of keeping beards.

Makes You Look More Manly

Beard certainly makes a guy look more manly. If you are with baby face and want to look more mature, you should definitely sport a beard. Men with beard are also perceived to be stronger, fearless and dashing. Women also find men with beard more attractive. This is due to their natural instincts since the evolution that a strong and courageous man can protect them and their family.

Protects Your Skin

A beard protects your skin from dust and sun. It acts as a natural cover of protection on your face. Your facial skin remains soft underneath your beard.

Makes You Stylish

Beard certainly adds to your style points. It makes you look cool. You can style and groom beard as per your wish and add a new look to your face. So if you are bored with your face just switch the beard style for a fresh look.

There are tons of clothes – both casual and formal that go along very well with beards. So if you are a fashion lover, a beard can complement your choice.

Busting the Myth – Are Beards Considered Unprofessional?

Are you kidding! Beards are acceptable in almost all workplace nowadays. Working professionals usually keep their beard well-trimmed to look more presentable. Professionals even buy blazers matching the color of their beard, a trend that is catching up nowadays.

Are beards OK when doing an interview? Well, Yes! Employers treat candidates with beard equally over the ones with stubble or clean shaven.

If you are impressed with the above points and have become a fan of beard, have a look at our other article 5 Best Beards for Square Faced Men.

Maintenance and Care

If you are lazy, a beard can be cumbersome for you. You have to take care of your beard regularly so that it looks neat and clean. If beard is not well maintained and looks ugly, it can undo all the fashion points and appeal. It can turn people away from you.  Why not! After all, people like to be clean and hygienic.

Try to maintain and care for your beard at least every other day and you will surely enjoy the benefits of having a stylish beard.


If your skin is dry or you live in a place which has hot weather, you can feel itching in your beard. So you must moisturize your beard regularly with beard oils.

How About Growing Stubble? Should I Go Stubble?

A stubble is a short hairline growth over your face but it is not a beard yet. Stubble are more popular among teenagers. If you want to know how a stubble looks on you, just check your face on the second or third day after you clean shave.  People, especially girls, like stubble that are uniform. Patchy stubble is a big no no.

Here as Benefits of Maintaining a Stubble:

Look younger

By growing stubble, you can look a lot younger. A uniform stubble also makes men look attractive.

Strike Balance

If you don’t like beard cause you have problems like itchiness or sweating but still want to have beard because your wife or girlfriend like it then try growing a stubble. It may be a win-win solution for you and your partner.

There are several cons of having a stubble though,

Extra Care

To maintain a stubble you need a lot extra care like trimming your stubble just perfect and trim it more frequently, say twice or thrice a week. This is certainly not liked unless your hobby is maintaining beards.

Tickle Your Partner

Stubble are thin hairs and those hairs are often pointed. So while hugging or making out with your partner, it may tickle her and cause discomfort.

Looks Untidy

If there is non-uniform or patchy stubble, it makes a person look untidy, unorganized and undisciplined. So obviously I wouldn’t recommend stubble for job interviews specially if its unkempt.

Does Clean Shaven Look Better?

To be clean-shaven is considered as traditional. It takes lot of maintenance of beard or stubble to keep it just perfect. You will need to experiment with different beard styles so that you partner doesn’t get bored of your existing beard style.

Here are the pros of being clean shaved that is worth considering

If You Like Simplicity, a Clean Shave is the Best

For persons like me who like to keep it simple, clean shaven is the best style to go with. A clean shaved person doesn’t have to experiment different beard styles and bother about the opinions of different people.  Also, you don’t have to trim often so you save a quite a bit of money.

Lesser Efforts to Maintain Face Hygiene

Being hygienic is natural for clean shaved guy. This type of guy doesn’t have to worry about washing his beard and face often as he is free from sweating in the beard.

Makes You Look a Lot Sincere

If you want to look like sincere and more honest, being clean shaven helps. People tend to trust clean shaved guys more in my experience.

Hey, wait! If you are planning to go shave your face, here are some cons of being clean shaven:

Baby Face

Being clean shaved may be OK when you are teenager. But as you grow up your face should look more manly to attract people specially your crush. A clean shaved guy may look too baby faced specially if he has a narrow jawline.

Too Simplistic

To be clean shave may be perceived as being too simplistic and not keeping updated with latest trends. Women like men more who keep up with the latest fashion trends.

Have to Shave Everyday

Clean shaved guys have to shave daily to maintain their look. This can be really cumbersome for most of people to shave daily and also it adds one extra task to our daily routine.

To Sum Up: Should I Keep My Beard Going, Go to Stubble or Clean Shaven?

I have maintained a clean shaved look and don’t want to change it soon. However, as I started exploring other people’s views, especially, opinions from ladies, majority of them like men with beards.

So I would suggest to go for a beard but keep it uniform and well-trimmed. Specially if you have free time to do this.  There are tons of beard styles. Pick the one that suits you the best. No need to do something with a beard that’s too crazy and weird though. Pick the beard style that is acceptable and most importantly the one which you feel comfortable with. Also do remember to practice good hygiene and maintenance for your beard.

Best luck with your new style. Do let me know in the comments on what you like about this post.

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