8 Things a Woman Needs from a Man

What does a girl really want? How do you know what they need and use it to make a more meaningful connection? How can you make sense of the very confusing mind of a woman who seems to defy all logical explanation?

Let’s face it, we often feel that women are very unpredictable, hard to understand, and unsteady among others. Some guys even feel completely troubled when trying to get the attention of women or maintain a good relationship.

“Sometimes she acts like she’s really into me but all of a sudden she gives the impression that she doesn’t care about me at all…”

“At the start of our conversation, she was very cheery, then she suddenly became hysterical …”

“I tried to take our situation to the next level, but she suddenly seemed to be less interested than before. It’s as if she didn’t like me anymore and I don’t understand what happened…”

If you find it difficult to know what exactly a woman wants, then don’t worry! You are not alone because a lot of guys also have this problem (most guys actually). But that’s okay because men and women can have very different personalities. This is because men and women differ from hormones, genetic makeup, experiences, and opinions.

So, if you often find yourself in this situation and wish to know “what women want and needs”, keep reading! Let’s start with the first one:

1. Women Are Emotional

The main thing you must know is that ladies are controlled by their feelings. They are very emotional (men are likewise, yet to a lesser extent). As a result, ladies are frequently into romantic films or shows with ups and downs. It makes the experience a lot of exciting emotions. It’s also the motivation behind their seemingly irrational behaviour that can confuse most men and their actions often contradict with what they say 

They might say that “This guy is an ass hole; I’m not going to talk to him anymore!” Yet shortly afterward, they end up together.

To get a woman’s heart you should disregard logical arguments. Explanations like, “You should choose me because… “, just won’t work. They don’t trigger any emotional reaction in her psyche (or possibly not enough to trigger the response that you’re looking for). To get the girl, you should make her feel that you really mean it because if she does, then she’ll have no second thoughts.

2. Women Value Their Reputation

Arguably since ancient times, women have always strived to maintain their good reputation. In most societies, a woman who has sexual relations with a lot of men are criticised (which shouldn’t be the case as we are in the 21st century), by men and women alike. As a result, most women don’t want other people to think that they are loose. This is also the reason why most of them play hard to get. 

The situation will get trickier if you decide to get her attention while she’s with her friends. She will often resist and hesitate whenever you try to escalate. You don’t need to worry as she’s just showing that she’s not that easy to get (or if you’re annoying, she wants you to leave her).

She needs to protect her worth. This causes them to not prefer spelling it out all for you. You’ll occasionally hear a woman expressly state, “I like you; I need to engage in sexual relations with you.” But this is as rare as finding a double rainbow, so consider yourself lucky. Girls usually make their needs to be known in a much subtler way.

So, they tend to use a reference instead to seduce a man because they don’t want to be viewed that they’re “asking for it”. This is why you need to have tact, discretion, and common sense in order to effectively attract women.

3. Women Need Your Protection

Women may deny it, but they still have a survival instinct deeply rooted in their subconscious (which is similar to men, but in a different way). Times may have changed but women in the past needed constant protection from men in order to survive. Back then, a single woman was more exposed to difficult situations than a woman with a partner.

Men provided protection, resources like food and water, and shelter. These were once necessary for the survival of a woman and her future children. You wouldn’t want to bear children if you’re starving or in danger, right? Although the situation today is much more stable, this way of thinking is still deeply rooted in many people’s minds. 

Men are not an exception to this rule, we are also attracted to beautiful women because our instincts associate it with good health. A beautiful woman will have a higher chance of bearing children, at least that’s what our subconscious minds think. This is because we are wired to find the best way to multiply and preserve our species. 

Despite the progress in our societies, we still pursue to fulfil them. So, for women, this usually means:

  • Attraction toward more economically stable guys.
  • Attraction to smart men (social animals who can climb the social ladder).
  • Attraction to men who look strong or have a tough physique.

However, you don’t need to achieve everything that we said to attract the attention of women. What you must understand these things are just assets and if a woman is attracted to you just because of them, then you need to find another one.

4. Women Need Stability

There are some reasons (as we have discussed above) why women need to find stability in men. Most of them want emotional stability and they have a habit of shunning unstable men who can’t control themselves.

Stability is one and the same with safety and firmness. It is like a foundation that she can completely depend on. A stable man that remains strong in the face of difficulties is a real turn on for women. It is also reassuring for them, so that will surely be a bonus point. This pursuit of steadiness is the reason why women continually try to test our will.

Usually, they’re doing it unknowingly. When you try to get a girl’s attention, she will try to challenge you at some point. She will do this in order to make her that she is valuable and to test if you can take it. She’ll want to see if you’re the kind of guy who gives up right at the first sign of problems or if you’re the kind of man who is able to survive in the face of difficulty.

Women throw sticks and stones to you to see if you’re to get through it like a real man. Do you want to know why some girls often behave in a nasty way? They want to see your reaction and when you succeed in the so-called test (or to put it simply, when you don’t lose your cool), you’ll earn her heart.

5. Women Need You to Fall Under Their Spell

Since they’ve been led by society to believe that they are weaker than men, women have needed to create different ways to endure and ascend the social pyramid. One such strategy is seduction. All through the last few thousand years, women have improved their ability to seduce men. This is done by women through different forms:

  • Physical Beauty 
  • Controlling the situation

It’s not uncommon that a girl gets a man captivated to ensure that he’ll need just her and not find another. That is the reason a few women blow hot and cold: sometimes they show enthusiasm while on different occasions they don’t care. They do so to drive us to insanity, to get us to doubt ourselves, and to make us more hooked. They don’t generally do it intentionally, yet in any case, it works.

6. Women Needs You to Lead

Regardless of whether they’ll acknowledge it or not, most women look for stability. They look for direction in life. They’re searching for a supporting structure in which they’ll have the option to improve themselves and express their feelings. 

Women must feel driven and they must feel that they can simply give up by giving in a man who can lead her. In truth, this converts into a fascination toward men who can lead. 

We’re not really looking at turning into a dictator, but to demonstrate that you can lead the pack. So, you need to choose: 

  • Where you’re going to take her to have a drink or lunch. 
  • What time you’re going to meet for your date. 
  • Where to stay and when to leave the bar. 
  • Which film you’re going to watch with her. 

Regardless of whether a few people strongly disagree, most women find that this is very thrilling for them. It’s a genuine turn-on for very feminine ladies as it demonstrates social knowledge and a man’s capacity to make a move. At the end of the day, the capacity to ascend the social ladder and respond accordingly when the need arises.

7. Women Needs You to Be A Real Man

Opposites are drawn toward each other. Feminine energy is attracted to manliness and vice versa. That is the reason why most feminine women tend to gravitate to masculine men. They can’t control this fascination. It’s rooted in their subconscious. 

At the point when a lady is attracted wildly to a man, he’s usually not a nice guy, but a man that gives off an incredible masculine vibe which draws her into you. We’re talking about something that happens under the radar. We’re discussing contradictory energies, the Ying and the Yang. 

So, it’s effective to produce commanding sexual strain because it enables you to make a lady very horny. That is also the motivation behind why you should aim to draw them to you and not to please them. When you strive to please her, you’re trying to smooth out both of your differences.

The reason why a great deal of men ends up in the friend zone is that they do everything to satisfy the woman that they want by nodding to her on requests, by trying and failing to have the same interests as her, etc.

8. Women Need You to Know What You Want

What ladies truly need is a man who realises what he needs. Women need a man who has a direction in life. They need a man who has a dream that he wants to achieve. They need a man who can take the lead. 

As this Russian saying goes: “The men are the head while the ladies are the neck.” In your relationships, you should be the head. Women need a man who recognises what he needs and not a one who’s continually asking himself what she needs. 

She doesn’t want a man who’s continually making the effort to meet halfway so that his partner can like him and evade pressure (it may help you for the time being, but as time pass by, it will kill the sexual strain that exists between the two of you). 

The issue is that when you continually wonder what ladies need, you become a blind follower. Instead, you should to be a trailblazer and know what your identity is and what you need. They don’t need a man who attempts to be what he thinks others need him to be. They don’t need a man who attempts to need what others need him to need. Do you get it? Girls need a man who follows up on his own terms. 

They need a man who is credible. Not a man whose conduct is managed by others. Not a man whose character is flexible. They don’t need a man who is going to falter at the slightest issues. They need a man who is strong and realises what he needs and what his identity is. 

They need a head for whom they can be the neck. The only question that you should ask isn’t what do ladies need, but “What do I need?” What would you like to achieve throughout everyday life? 

When you’ve discovered your actual self (and not a pale shadow of what you think she needs), you’ll have really turned into a man that she needs.

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