8 Reliable Tips to Accelerate Beard Growth for Teenagers

Feeling the fuzz on the chin is a dream of almost every teenage boy. Facial hair usually arrives at the last stage of puberty. While in some cases testosterone production is higher and beard growth is seen in the early stages of puberty.

The growth of facial hair is exactly like the growth of height which varies from one person to another. Some people suffer from poor testosterone production and hence have poor beard growth. They don’t notice even a fuzz on the chin in their 20s or even later. Sometimes genetics play an important role in beard growth. If your father or somebody in your family tree has suffered from poor facial hair growth then there is a  big chance you will also experience the same problem. However, growing or thickening your beard in your teenage years can be hard, but there are many ways that you can boost your beard growth in your teen years.

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Tips For Teenagers To Grow Beard Faster   

There are many myths related to growing a beard in the teenage years. Some people say shaving regularly as soon as you feel the fuzz on your chin can help you grow a beard faster. But, the fuzz is not a beard. A handful of facial hairs don’t need regular shaving. It’s a natural phenomenon and takes time like all other hormonal changes. However, the below-mentioned tips can boost the speed of your beard growth in your adolescence.

1. Balanced Diet

Nowadays we are more inclined towards eating yummy junk foods than having a proper healthy diet. The lack of nutrition slows down the rate of hair growth. Proteins, vitamins, Zinc, fatty acids and Biotin are the major elements in the diet that rev up facial hair growth. A regular balanced diet is very important for teenagers to boost their hair-growing hormones. Try to include eggs, orange juice, Gelatin, carbohydrates, raisins, nuts and meat in the diet to boost and get a significant amount of facial hair in your teenage years. Eating sufficient fruits and green vegetables can be very helpful.

2. Protein and Fat

Eggs and fishes are two important elements that boost beard growth in the teenage years. Eggs are a rich source of protein while fish or animal fat contains lots of fat. Blending both elements and applying it to the facial hair areas can be beneficial. Eggs and fishes are good for both internal and external use. 

3. Coconut Oil Blend

Coconut oil massage is a traditional way to speed up the facial as well as scalp hair growth. There are two major types of coconut oil available in the market – Virgin/unrefined coconut oil and refined coconut oil. Virgin coconut oil is mostly used for cosmetic purposes while refined coconut oil is free from contamination and used in cooking. Virgin coconut oil is full of essential nutrients. There is a fat called lauric acid in virgin coconut oil which is responsible for hair growth. When virgin coconut oil is blended with rosemary oil and applied on the facial hair regions, the essential nutrients penetrate the skin and boost the moustache and beard growth.

Coconut oil is also helpful for people having some facial hair in their teenage years. Coconut oil keeps the beard soft and moisturized. You can also use coconut oil in cooking. Both the internal and external use of the oil can do wonders for your facial hair growth. We recommend Every Man Jacks Beard Oil

4. Minoxidil

Minoxidil is a popular hair loss treatment medication, also known as anti-hypertensive vasodilator medication. Patients suffering from alopecia are often prescribed hair loss repairing medicine containing Minoxidil. It is an over-the-counter medication and hence easily available. The hair growth is poor due to insufficient growth of male sex hormones and damaged hair follicles which Minoxidil can repair.

Minoxidil fixes these damaged follicles and stimulates them to rev up hair growth. When it was taken orally to control blood pressure, hair growth was one of its side effects which was noticed in different parts of the world. Today, many facial hair revitalizing agents contain Minoxidil. Minoxidil is available in two different forms – Liquid Minoxidil and Foam Minoxidil. You can use either of them. Minoxidil is still not globally accepted and approved as a facial hair growth booster. Going to a good dermatologist can better advise on you with the pros and cons of this medication.

5. Clean Your Face Twice a Day

Most of the time, skin pores get blocked due to dirt and dust. It is impossible to go outside and not expose your face to the pollution we endure every day. However, you can wash your face twice a day with a good facial cleanser. The cleaner your skin pores will be, the better your beard growth chances will be.

6. Scrub Face

Scrubbing also helps to get rid of unwanted dirt from the skin. The dead skin cells need to be exfoliated in order to stimulate facial hair growth. When your skin is clear, the path for the hair follicles also becomes clear. Try Bull Dog Face Scrub

7. Eucalyptus Oil

Eucalyptus is responsible for keeping the skin soft, clear and moisturized. Many creams and moisturisers are available in the market contain Eucalyptus. A gentle massage of Eucalyptus-based creams or moisturizers once a day can give you a noticeable result in just a few weeks!

8. Power of Vitamins    

Be it oral use or topical use; vitamins play a vital role in boosting hair growth. The vitamins like A, B1, B6, B12, C and E improve hair growth. You can get some of the vitamins through diet while some of them can benefit you through cosmetic products.

If poor facial hair growth is the reason for you being shy and limiting your social circle then it’s time for some action. Include some healthy elements in your daily diet, exercise, sleep properly and use organic hair growth booster ingredients to experience the change in your beard growth.

If you follow the above tips for faster beard growth, you can soon witness some positive results.  To know about the significance of a beard and how it changes the outlook about a person, keep reading..

How Facial Hair Affect The Personality?

Believe it or not, your facial hairs say a lot about you. A person with stubble or a full beard is often seen as aggressive and dominant. Beard also signifies confidence and power. Significant facial hair gives a mature look to a man.

A bearded man can look healthy and his active testosterone can be seen on his face. In today’s world, having a beard means masculinity. Also, in some cases, people are more cautious when approaching a bearded guy. He may turn aggressive on small things or behave rudely. It’s all about perception.

The fact is, facial hair gives you a more mature look and can also save you from harsh sun rays. It’s true that when you got a full-grown beard, you will walk confidently and this confidence will also be reflected in your social interactions. After all, who doesn’t want to be proud of his active male sex hormone?

Beard and Psychology  

Every action has its reaction. Human psychology is affected by even minor things like dress sense, posture, communication and even wearing a beard. Directly or indirectly, a beard can affect the people around you. You can really notice the difference between their way of looking at you when you are wearing a beard and when you are clean-shaven. Like they say, with great power comes great responsibilities, the same goes with beards.

Different types of beards can associate you with various characteristics. Even if you are a cool and happy-go-lucky person, you may be thought of as a serious and aggressive one. Maybe you are rated as one of the most mature and masculine men in your society due to your full beard. Also, the beard reflects sex appeal. Some studies say that women find bearded men more caring, understanding and masculine. There are so many characteristics associated with your facial hair. It’s like magic.

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