13 Sure Fire Ways To Look More Stylish For Men

13 Sure Fire Ways To Look More Stylish For Men

When you walk down the street and see some charming faces dressed up nicely and looking on point; you automatically get the answer for ‘Why style matters’. No matter you got bucks, intelligence, a good job and even a hot girlfriend; you are not complete if your style is not on the right track.

Fashion changes but style persists. Everyone has his unique style which helps him stand out in the crowd. Well, if you are stick-in-the-mud yet then this blog may definitely raise your fashion stakes and spell some magic on your appearance.

Before going to 13 ways, here are 3 common blunders that need to be taken care of.

Most Common Style Blunders Men Do

Choosing the Wrong Size

Neither oversized nor too tight clothes can make you look awesome. Men often make mistakes while picking outfits. If money is being invested, make sure the outfits are perfectly tailored.

Negotiating With Comfort  

There is a misconception that to impress others, you have to go through sheer discomfort in terms of dressing. When you are not feeling inside, how can people be able to notice your confidence outside? Always choose the clothes that fit you well and you feel comfortable wearing them.

Fabric Choice

Men often fall in the trap of the attractive clothes made of poor fabric. You may have to go out, attend meetings, and enter the parties or just a cool hangout with buddies. A wrong fabric can make you feel uncomfortable. And, some fabrics are inflammable and even cause allergies. Choose the fabric wisely before singling out an outfit.

Now, let’s dive into 13 Sure-Fire ways to look more stylish for men.

Tips To Perk Up Your Style

You don’t have to search the fashion blogs restlessly on the internet or save the contact numbers of the local stylists to look on point. Just follow a few tips and you are there!

Understanding That You Need a Change

If you have already realized that you need to change your style, you have already taken one step towards awesomeness. It means you have kept your eyes open and aware of your personality.

Also, know yourself and explore what level of change you are committed to bringing in. Some men will need just little perk ups, others may require a complete overhaul.

Keep Meeting the Stylish People and Follow your Stylish Favorites

The more you surround yourself with stylish people, the better chances of you turning into a cynosure will be there. There is nothing wrong with taking pieces of advice from the experts.

No need to feel inferior to your stylish peers. Don’t think that way at all. Being stylish is quite natural and know you are receptive and tuning yourself to style quotient.

Furthermore, in this step, you can follow your favorite celebrities who are stylish as per you. Go and Follow them on Instagram. Checkout and how cool they carry themselves in parties and general public appearances. This activity will develop your style sense gradually.

Observation with passion is the key here. Your passion for being stylish will sow seeds of transformation in your mind and this will manifest beautifully later.

Avoid Too Flashy or Too Much Graphics Stuff

It’s not like too flashy t-shirts or dense graphic arts on a shirt were classic styles and people don’t want it now. Such clothes were never happening. Try to stick with plain shirts/t-shirts or minimal graphics or prints.

You can also sport semi-formals if you are not sure about what will go well with your personality.

Often Visit Your Barber

A messy hair won’t go well with a dapper suit. Choose your hairstyle according to your profession or lifestyle. Visit your barber twice a month for a little trimming. And, make sure your mustache and beard are also trimmed when you go out.

You can also buy a decent beard and hair trimmers and trim your hairs yourself. This option is more flexible and also saves your extra bucks in long run.

Choose Colors Wisely

Colors can change the game. Too bright colors are a BIG NO. Always pick the neutral colors like grey, charcoal, mocha, olive or black. This will give you a manlier look.

Size is everything

Always invest in customized clothes and suits. A wrong fit hurts more when someone points it and you think of the wasted money. Even if you do nothing and just choose the right size, you can look more attractive than before.

Quality over Quantity

Always buy clothes of good quality. It’s not just about flaunting the brand or the shine of the fabric; it’s more about how you feel wearing high-quality outfits. There is a psychological connection with styling.

Regular Aesthetic Care

Take care of your skin every day. Moisturize it before hitting the sack. A glowing skin goes well with a well-groomed and well-styled personality.

You can buy any number of trendy outfits and but what makes you look happening is what you do with those purchased outfits. You are stylish when you can pull off even an ordinary dress in an elegant manner. Once, Oscar Wilde said, “in all important matters style, not sincerity is essential”.

Watch your eyeglasses

Eyeglasses are one of the most important factors contributing to your style quotient. It is often overlooked. From my personal experience, eyeglasses and its frame significantly change the way how you look.  Some eyeglasses can make you look older while others younger.

Therefore it is crucial to choose the right combination of eyeglasses. An easy way is to do is to simply look in the mirror or just ask your friends and colleagues for feedback.

Wear a stylish wrist watch

Wearing stylish wrist watch can ramp up your stylish quotient significantly. If you can afford, buy some stylish Swiss watches.

For men, watches with the bigger dial is preferred as it looks manlier.

However, most men don’t wear latest watches. Well, it’s ok if you are tight on budget but it’s always a good idea to buy a new watch every 2-3 years.

Wear sober Deodorant and Perfumes

A fragrance is a subtle ingredient in men’s fashion and styling. This little thing protects us from bad odor and creates a pleasant aroma. A refreshing deodorant makes you more acceptable to other people as it conveys that you practice a good hygiene.

However, be careful to use deodorant and perfumes that smell great otherwise it may turn other people away. Always prefer sober perfumes that are refreshing and light in smell.

Watch your Shoes

A good shoe provides comfort to your foot, toe, heel, sole and ankle. This will enable you to walk smoothly and right. Wearing a good shoe also makes men feel more confident and tall.

As a thumb rule, the color of your shoe should match the color of your belt (applicable to formal wear only). It makes combination look just right and perfect.

It is a good practice to wear sturdy shoes when sporting casual look. Sturdy shoes make men look manlier.

Be Easy and Elegant on doing things

Just be yourself and relax! Don’t try too hard to bring in style in your movements. If you are receptive and tuned to bring change in yourself, slowly you will observe some changes within you and the way you carry yourself.

Just be easy! Do everything wholeheartedly.

Bonus Tip: Visualize and Feel that you are Stylish

To bring in faster change, believe that you are already stylish. Visualize during the bedtime that you are your colleagues, friends and other people whom you are concerned with are appreciating your style and saying “Wow”.

Although this tip looks ridiculously easy and unbelievable, most celebrities practice this either consciously or unconsciously.

However, most people throw away this gem (visualization technique) thinking it be a stone.

I personally don’t want you to be that guy.

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