12 Secrets on What Attracts Women to Men

Women are very confusing, that is a view shared by almost all men. Although there is no silver bullet to attract women every time you flirt with them because women’s tastes and preferences can’t be dumbed down into a few bullet points. So, you’d have to be smart enough to adjust to the situation and make sure to always be yourself.

The things that women generally tend to be attracted to or turns them off can fill a whole book or even a series. However, there are times that they’re contradicting which was a factor for the length of this list. There may be no silver bullet or sure-fire ways to attract women, but there are a few things that most women appreciate in a man. 

What are these things? Read on as we’re going to reveal 12 things that most women find highly attractive in men (and the reason why they do) …

1. Have Common Sense

If you have girl friends, try to ask them about what they’re looking for in a man. Chances are leadership and initiative will be one of the most attractive things for them. It may even be the first thing that they’re looking for.

Women want guys who know what they want and go after it whatever it takes! However, they’re not so into guys who are cocky and can’t admit that he made a mistake (and apologise for it). Guys who show leadership and decisiveness will make women feel that they’re cared for and protected.

Another thing that women love is guys who have the knowledge and want to contribute to the efforts to make society and the world better. So, you might want to volunteer for charities and organisations but don’t do it just to impress women! Telling them things that you love or feel passionate about will also make them feel that you trust them and you’re being true to yourself (just make sure that it’s not illegal or something).

Aside from that, women are also attracted to men who keep their word or to put it simply, have the balls to commit. Women usually don’t like men who are unreliable especially when making plans that are as simple as a date night. If you said that you’d call her, CALL HER! You don’t have any idea what goes through the mind of women whenever you break a promise and it won’t put you in a good light (even if you have a good reason).

Be a leader and take initiative because nothing is more unappealing than a guy who doesn’t walk the talk. You should hold value to your words, and you shouldn’t say things that you can’t and don’t intend to do.

2. Be Funny

What do men like Jack Black, Will Ferrell, Dave Hughes, Shaun Micallef, and Kevin Hart have in common? Aside from the obvious fact that they’re all comedians, they have beautiful wives and are happily married. Do you notice a pattern here?

Although it’s more than likely that these guys have fantastic personalities and are very nice people. But we can infer that their ladies fell in love with them because of their sense of humour. Being funny is also the simplest way into a woman’s heart.

All of us are born with our own quirks and brand of humour, so it’s normal if you have a different definition of funny. It’s futile to expect everyone to laugh in a room full of people, and that’s perfectly fine! Just trust that there is someone out there who will roll on the floor because of your humour and one that you’ll really connect with. So, don’t be afraid to crack all your jokes even though some people may find them to be corny.

Whenever an awkward thing happens like if you accidentally spilled a drink on her dress, don’t be too ser

Don’t take yourself so seriously and don’t be afraid to laugh at yourself.

If you spill ketchup on your shirt, try to make a joke about it, laugh at yourself and your mistakes and soon she’ll be chuckling too.

3. Have Goals and Ambition

A man with a clear plan for life and an attitude that wants to pursue all goals is extremely attractive for women. One example is the infamous attraction of women to the “bad boy” vocalists of various bands. They’re not attracted to them because of their good looks or mysterious personality, women are interested because of their passion to create music and achieve all their goals and dreams. This is also the case for athletes or career-driven guys.

Being passionate about things that you love and having clear set goals will lend you extra points for women. This means that you don’t need to be a celebrity, a loaded businessman, a highly social animal, or all of them for women to be interested in you. All you’ll need to do is to do the things that you love, be good at it, and pursue it.

Even though you’re just starting your career, if you’ll let her feel that you’re passionate about what you do, it will still make her more interested in you. Now, if you’re not convinced, then let’s put it in another perspective. As a guy, don’t you feel more inclined to a woman who’s passionate about the things that she does and has goals that she’s set for the future? You wouldn’t want to end up with a person who just goes with the flow right? Of course, you don’t!

For women, when they see a man who is actively seeking to achieve their goals, they will conclude that you will do the same for other things too like in pursuing to have a relationship with her,

4. A Good Fashion Sense

It might be a cliché, but first impressions do last and nothing a good fashion sense will affect a first date/meeting. However, style doesn’t just mean being well-dressed and well-groomed, it should also reflect that you’re feeling your best.

If you’re not used to wearing more current fashion trends, then don’t. You should find your own style and take pride in it as it will make women have the impression that you take yourself seriously. It’s also not important because there isn’t a single style that all women are attracted to. So, you don’t need to get rid of that 3-year old shirt. All you must do is look neat and comfortable.

If you love heading to the pub wearing leather shoes, a button-down shirt, and dark fitted pants or if you prefer a more hipster look (or hype beast as millennials call it), there is nothing wrong with that! There will always be someone who will appreciate your fashion sense and you don’t need to change everything in order to please everybody. Your goal is to find a partner, not impressing a whole town. 

So, you should make the effort to look and feel good before you go on any dates. However, there’s still a red line that you should avoid in all situations. You shouldn’t wear anything that has ridiculous catchphrases or something that might be insensitive to other people. 

For example, don’t wear a shirt that says “Female Body Inspector” because you think is hilarious! That may have been funny a decade ago but today people are more educated about societal issues like sexism. Instead of winning her over, you’ll end up annoying her. She may never show it but try asking her for another date and you’ll end up with an ignored message. 

5. Be Self-Confident

This is where you need to strike a balance as there is a fine line between being self-confident and being arrogant. A confident man is one of the first things that will capture women’s attention but being conceited is the complete opposite. In order to maintain a self-confident personality, it is okay to let them know about your accomplishments but doesn’t share too much as women may think that you’re bragging.

To do this, tell a woman how happy you are about your recent promotion but immediately change the topic and ask her a question. This will make her feel that you’re self-assured about instead of talking about mindless chatter the whole night. 

Confidence will make a man sexy in the eyes of women. It won’t do you any good if you’re constantly opening the topic about that one trophy you got way back in high school.

6. Learn to Be A Good Listener

This is important for women as they want their man to hear, value, and respect them. If you don’t have this, you would come off as distant, disrespectful, and heartless. You shouldn’t just nod your head repeatedly while listening to her. Ask questions to show her that you are really listening to what she’s saying. You won’t only be viewed by her as a guy who listens because this will make your memory to be sharper and store the information that she’s sharing. You might not know when the topic will arise again in the future, so it’d really come in handy. In addition, it will also make her feel that you are very interested in her.

Don’t just be a yes-man! Ask her about her favourite quote in the book that she loves or about the name of her pet. Remembering these things will be her signal that you value what she’s saying and that you are serious about her.

7. Be Kind and Show Empathy

This should be rule #1 but we put it in here instead. Let’s just be real here, being a jerk won’t make you attractive. Do you know what makes a woman more interested in you? Pets! As men who can care for a dog, cat, fish, and etc shows that they’re capable of showing kindness and empathy towards all living creatures. 

They come to this conclusion because they think that if you can take care of your pet, odds are you’re capable of treating her right (although some of them claim that this isn’t the case). Living with a pet also shows that you have a serious outlook on commitments and have a high sense of responsibility which you can also apply to your relationships.

However, if you’re not really into pets or aren’t able to have one because of health reasons, then you shouldn’t worry! All you need to do is to treat all people with the same kindness and compassion that you’re showing her. They usually look for a guy who thinks about the needs of other people first before their own. Like giving a spot on the queue for the bus or train to older people.

8. Always Look Clean

This is just as important as having a good sense of style, but it is a lot more basic. If for any reason you’re the type of person who doesn’t know about cleaning up, you should do the following:

  • Visit the barbershop at least every six weeks to maintain your hairstyle.
  • Take a shower, shave (or trim) your facial hair, and brush your teeth before you head out for the night or on a date.
  • Maintain proper posture and always smile as this will make you look more confident.

All these things are really simple, and you can start doing it right now to level up your game. 

9. Surround Yourself with Good People

Hanging around with the right group of people will get you the attention that can boost your game. If your friends are sociable, love having a great time, and give off an overall positive vibe, then you’ll never need to worry about getting a girl’s attention. This is because women tend to associate men with the crowd that they’re with. So, if your group is very interesting, then they’ll think that you are too.

10. Make the First Move

A disturbing guy, hiding in the corners, and hovering around is not one that women to prefer to be around. DON’T BE THAT GUY! Instead, gather all your confidence and approach her directly right after you notice her. You just need to think that you’ll not lose anything and if she’s interested, then good! You should also do this as women have strong senses. They noticed that you’re checking her out earlier and the longer you wait, the more she’ll lose her interest.

11. Find Similarities

While giving off a bad boy vibe will still make a good girl attracted to you, the similarities in your preferences, beliefs, and small things are a crucial factor. You need to show her that you have something like each other to pique her interest.

You can show this by finding similarities in education, race, habits, history, and beliefs. By doing so, you’ll still win her over even if she’s a vegan while you’re not. You’ll just need to convince her that you like much of the same things that she likes.

12. Man Up!

Showing that your man enough is still important today but the old notion that you should act aggressively has gone out of fashion. Women today still look for a guy who can provide and protect her, even though it sounds very stereotypical. However, you don’t need to have a tonne of cash or have a toned body to be viewed as masculine enough. You just need to show her that you can protect her and always put her as your number 1 priority. 

That is what men should be and you shouldn’t be caught up in superficial stuff.

In Conclusion

Women are indeed very intriguing and downright confusing for men. However, when you start to exert the effort to understand them, you’ll know what they want in a guy. This way, you’ll know how to get their attention and successfully build a connection.

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